Sabtu, 20 Desember 2008

effective blogging

Stay on topic :
Google AdSense runs keywords in your blog and use these keywords to place ads on your blog that are relevant to the content. The goal is to get visitors to click on those ads. You want motorbike readers to click on ads sujets motorcycle. Cross topics, such as mixing content motorcycle with real estate and golf carts will result in ads that cover all three ads or public service pay nothing. Keep the topic centered on a theme will be relevant ads.

post on a regular schedule:
Our positions have a schedule written on them, usually a "updated weekly bulletin. And guess what? We stick to that. There May not always be new content to view such a timetable, so that you can use the idea of recycling. Although the weekly schedule is difficult to keep (everyone has a family) when you stick with a timetable, visitors can truly on the updated blog content, and they will come back more often to your blog, the increase the likelihood of an AdSense click.

Clear and simple:
It's more of a concept know our audience. If talk about motorcycles, using the jargon bike is good. Make your content understandable. Use easy to understand words, and make the format easy to use. You talk to a large and diverse and it should not require an advanced degree from MIT to read a blog. We have seen very smart people are confused about blogs that contain topics simple because the blog was written in a confused way too wordy, or strangely formatted. The goal is to get a click, and confusion ensure blog visitors / clicker not return.